Naked Pizza

Boston, Massachusetts


rating star

This is a health oriented pizza place - not your typical greasy pizza. They've now added Daiya cheese to their list, but they are by no means a vegan pizza place. Be sure that you tell them that you don't want mozzarella along with the Daiya (I hope they get better at this with time and actually add some vegan specialty pies to the list).
Their crust is delicious - it's more of a whole grainy flat sort of crust (read more from them of all the grains and probiotics they include). They also have a gluten-free crust available on medium pizza. The Daiya cheese is a recent, but very welcome addition. I usually pile up a lot of veggies below the cheese and get them to put the Daiya over everything on top. I like that their veggies are cut into small pieces - this means that my kids eat them instead of picking them out.

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