Osaka Sushi and Hibachi Steakhouse

Boston, Massachusetts


rating star

Tucked into one of the back pages, this restaurant offers ~10 vegan rolls. There are two rolls that come to mind especially: garden spring roll (on the specials page, not with the others) and vegetarian rainbow roll. Both have a complexity of flavors, textures and make you feel like you've really had some great filling sushi. They also have mid complexity like the Budda Roll which is avocado and peanuts, that are also delicious. My kids love the avocado roll, which is rice, nori and avocado. They also have vegetable gyoza which you can get steamed (be sure the dipping sauce is fish free). They are made in what I think is a green tea wrapper, which offers a nice balance to the fillings. The one downside is that I have found the consistency of their food to be quite variable. We've had some really great meals and other times the brown rice (an option with each roll) does not stick together and everything is really dry. Overall, I would definitely recommend it, since more often than not, the food be good.

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