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Gluten-free bakery with a few vegan options


Offers vegan brownies, oreos, and also a sandwich.

Added by conde.kedar on Jul 4 12 (last updated Jul 4 12)

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A gluten-free bakery with vegan options in the suburbs? Awesome. Zest is unusual in its offerings and is also a cute place to get a dessert or maybe a sandwich.

The vegan brownies ($2.50) here are amazing---moist, rich, cocoa-y and just delectable. I could eat five of them at once. They're a bit pricey considering the small size, but their quality makes up for a lack of quantity.

The vegan oreo was okay, but not great: it didn't look or taste like an oreo at all. It was more like a crispy chocolate cookie with a creme filling, which sounds oreo-esque, but really isn't.

They also have vegan cupcakes and muffins on occasion, but their schedule for these is erratic, which is frustrating. I wish they offered them every day.

Lastly, they have a vegan sandwich (The Elm) for $7 which consists of roasted vegetables on a vegan hoagie roll. I didn't like the sandwich; the bread was oily to the touch, yet dry and flavorless to the taste. The "roasted vegetables" consisted of cold slabs of eggplant, carrots and some other stuff just packed between the bread; it wasn't spiced, seasoned or heated and had basically no flavor.

While you can't get loose-leaf tea here, you can go just a block down the road to Serendipity Chocolates for that, as well as some vegan truffles and popsicles.

Zest offers some delicious baked goods, but I just wish they had more vegan options and did a better job of labeling them (it's currently a mess). Why not some vegan cookies, or whoopie pies? Bakeries like Sweet Freedom (Philadelphia) and Babycakes (NYC and LA) do a spectacular job of making gluten-free vegan desserts which cater to everyone and taste delicious. I hope Zest can do the same.

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