Greenstar Cooperative Market

Ithaca & Finger Lakes, New York


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Greenstar is an amazing grocery store, especially for vegans. There are a huge number of vegan products available, including some difficult-to-find brands like Dr. Cow's Tree Nut Cheese. When I was at the Greenstar Coop, the bakery section had several flavors of homemade vegan cookies, as well as at least 4 different types of vegan cakes and homemade vegan Twinkies! The prepared foods section had a number of vegan options, including fresh-from-the-oven slices of pizza made with Daiya cheese. The Greenstar Coop also has a fabulous selection of local foods, including Susie's Seitan and Tofu-Kan (locally-made seitan and tofu, respectively).

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The deli always has hot vegan meals and baked goods, plus everything else a natural foods store should have. A great option.

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