Holy Gelato!

San Francisco, California


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Atmosphere: 3.5
Kind of a strange space. They had a whole bunch of different things for sale -- but mostly cutesy, and the sorts of things one would expect to find for sale in an ice cream/gelato shop.

Service: 4.0
The staff was super nice and patient while we decided what we wanted and asked a bunch of questions.

Food: 5.0
This was some of the best vegan ice cream/gelato (honestly, I still don't know the difference) that I have had! And, not only that, but they had a whole case dedicated to vegan flavours, and they weren't typical, either. Most of them were different, and still really amazing. I had the coconut (which was amazingly creamy and coconutty) and the taro, which is a flavour that is never vegan, so it was really exciting to find.

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