Vegan Haven

Seattle, Washington


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This is the only vegan grocery store in Washington! I'm very happy to live nearby. They have everything here: from vegan staples like Nutritional Yeast to deodorant to frozen pizza and faux meats. Fantastic selection, slightly more expensive than at other stores but the convenience factor easily makes up for the prices.

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Small place, but the selection is pretty good. The staff is always super friendly. Plus, it is for Pig's Peace!

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a nice idea, but it kind of makes it seem like vegan food is all snacks and unhealthy replicas of nonvegan food, like twinkies, donuts, and pizza...well, at least instead of calling it a grocery store, they could call it more of a convenience store like the vegan one in portland.

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Sidecar is a small place, but has a good selection of all-vegan items from packaged goods to accessories to cosmetics to mockmeats and fake cheeses (they even carry every flavor of Scotland's "Sheese" hard cheeses).

I also liked that they have fresh-baked cupcakes. This is a good store to visit for selection (and for its philosophy) and it has reasonable prices as well.

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