Schlafly Bottleworks

Saint Louis, Missouri


rating star

I always order the vegan pizza via the build your own pizza option. My wife usually gets a pasta dish.

Daiya vegan cheese is usually available on the pizza, although they only had soy cheese my last two visits. I avoid soy, so my pizza had no cheese. Not my favorite, but still not bad.

I think the waiter felt sorry for me (or the cook), so they really piled on the Match-meat, which I eat now and again, although not a lot of it. Still, I didn't go there to abstain from "bridge foods". I also enjoyed a couple tallish beers, so I forgot about the missing Daiya cheese pretty quickly. Now when I go there, I manage my expectations. If there's no Daiya cheese, it's two beers instead of one.

The medium thick (regular thickness) crust seemed fresh and tasted great with a nice texture. Pizza sauce options include tomato (red) or olive oil with garlic. Toppings I usually get are: Match-meat (seitan), roasted garlic, and sun dried tomatoes. I can't remember the other topping offerings.

I love to sit outside under the beautiful, new woodwork "tent". Service is good, great if you get the guy I had. He was outstanding with my admittedly uuber specific vegan food preferences (not just vegan cheese, but non-soy vegan cheese). This can get me off to a bad start with some waiters who may have never even heard of the word vegan, let alone vegan cheese, but this guy was great.

I live a ways from there so only make it a couple times a year. Very enjoyable, though. Highly recommended.

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