Over Easy Cafe

Asheville, North Carolina


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This place had great service, and there was a line of people waiting to be seated the whole time we were there. Over Easy Cafe must be popular for a reason, but I don't recommend it to vegans.

The vegan options were limited and not clearly marked. I had the Maple Tempeh plate (or whatever it was called). It was clearly trying to be some sort of bacon substitute, but the tempeh was underdone and I wasn't a fan of the marinade. My wife had some *huge, vegan pancake. I understand that it's trendy in Asheville right now, but gluten free pancakes should be outlawed. I didn't love the breakfast at the Green Sage, but I'd recommend it over the Over Easy Cafe.

*Like really huge. Just order one.

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Great spot for Sunday brunch. It can be pretty crowded on Sunday mornings, so get there early. Lots of vegan options, nice staff, cool atmosphere.

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