The Veggie Grill

Portland, Oregon


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The food, the service, and the presentation were all excellent! The sauce on my burger was very flavorful. The prices are a step up from fast food, but so is the quality. I loved this place and want to try it again!

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I call it my favorite vegan junk food restaurant. VERY quick service even when their line is out the door, but high reliance on fake/faux meats, and I would rather have real, whole foods.

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great food when you are in a hurry. vegitarian fast food

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This was the third vegan restaurant I tried in Portland in three days, after the Vegetarian House and Native Foods. The theme is similar to that of Native Foods - fast food - but it was not quite as good, although, again, the sweets were quite good. The location is much more accessible than Native Foods in Portland, however. It's a good location for lunch.

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