Bean Sprouts

Los Angeles, California


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I wish I could get to Bean Sprouts more often. The restaurant is clean, the food is well prepared, and the service is excellent.

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95% of the menu is vegan and the food is great. It's a casual sit-down restaurant that's good for lunch. Lot's of meat substitutes.

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Very helpful staff. They made sure that we knew which dishes were vegan, and that they could amend some others if we wanted. They were also careful about allergies. Everything we had tasted very fresh.
Try the cold julienne tofu - very different. Hard to recommend anything else, as everything we tried was great.

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I just went here for the first time today. It was a really nice, cozy place. Very clean...I noticed it was graded "A" with health inspection. The people were VERY nice. They brought me tons of dishes to sample (maybe because I was the only one in there). I think it was family-owned. The food is mostly Chinese, and has both meat analogs and all vegetable dishes. They were vegan friendly, and she made sure to tell me which dishes had egg, but most were vegan anyway. Really great, cheap food and friendly service.

They do accept credit card on purchases over $15, and they have really quick to-go service.

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