Morning Glory

Flagstaff, Arizona


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The 2 ladies working were absolutely wonderful. I had the vegan pancakes which were ok (I'm a new vegan), but my husband and the vegan breakfast tacos which were fantastic. Would definitely recommend.

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I had lunch here today and the food was very good. My wife and I both ordered soup. She had the split pea and I had the tomato cashew. Both were quite delicious. The tomato had a nice tomato-y flavor with a hint of richness from the cashew.

I also had the hemp burger. They have soy cheese, but it's Follow Your Heart, which I'm not a huge fan of. When I told the chef this, she asked if I liked avocado, so I ended up with some guacomole on the burger, which was perfect. The burger itself was a soft homemade veggie burger with a nice flavor. It's served on a good bun with a lot of lettuce, sprouts, and some onion and tomato.

The prices here are quite reasonable. Our meal totalled $19 for two people, and it wasn't a small amount of food. Next time I'm in Flagstaff (whenever that might be) I would definitely come back here.

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I went on an Amtrak trip (Minneapolis/Chicago/Flagstaff/Reno/Los Angeles/San Francisco) and this place was some of the best vegan food on the entire trip.

The hours are weird, but believe me, it's worth it.

I think everything is vegan, it's masterfully made by what appears to be one person and it's cheap.

The vibe of the place is kinda artsy and old-school meets new-school hippy, and I kinda dig it.

I had an enchilada (was a tad bit bland, but still quite good), some homemade chocolates (awesome and cute), potato salad (one of the best things I've ever had in my life!) and a couple coffees.

If I ever set food in Flagstaff again, this will be the first place I go.

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