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New Haven Area, Connecticut


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This is a hole-in-the-wall Indian/Gujarati grocery store where you can get all of your staples (rice, spices, imported instant noodles from India), as well as some inexpensive vegetarian snack foods such as samosas, chaat and vada pav (pronounced "wuh-duh pow").

Almost all of the snack bar items here are vegan, except for the dahi puri, the pav bhaji and the lassis. To be on the safe side, you can ask about the use of butter or ghee, though most of the dishes here won't use them.

I wanted the vada pav ($3), which is a street food from central-western Indian and basically consists of a potato dumpling in a bread roll. Unfortunately they were out of these the day I came.

Instead I wanted to get a single samosa, but the staff there was confused and were unwilling to give me just one. I noticed that you could get a "samosa pav" (samosa with a bread roll) for $3, so I basically pulled a Five Easy Pieces and asked for a samosa pav, hold the pav.

The samosa was really tasty---it was crispy and well-seasoned with fresh peas and potatoes on the inside. I definitely think the samosas here were better than what you could get at pretty much any nearby Indian restaurant.

All told, I'll be back for some tasty Indian snacks. Be warned that the staff here isn't particularly friendly, and their English seems to be limited as well. The grocery portion of the store accepts credit cards, but the deli/snack bar is cash-only for some reason, so keep that in mind (that said, all of the items hover in the $3 range, so it's not going to require a ton of cash to eat here).

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