Cafe Ain Soph

Ginza, Tokyo


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Cafe Ain Soph is a quirky little place located in the heart of the Ginza shopping district. The restaurant has a split-level layout, so there are only a few dining tables on each "floor." This makes for a rather intimate dining experience with the parties at the 2-4 other tables sharing the same floor with you. At the same time, before our floor became crowded with other diners, it was nice feeling like we had an entire restaurant to ourselves!

The menu at Cafe Ain Soph consists of typical American-style vegan fare: tortilla chips and dip, hummus and veggies, fried vege-meat, a tofu Spanish omelette, a Sheese cheese platter, as well as a number of salads and wraps. Everything that we ate was quite tasty, but nothing really stood out in my mind. Also, I was a little disappointed that the only desserts in the bakery case were brownies and banana bread. The website makes it sound like they regularly have a good selection of vegan baked goods (like cupcakes!), so we may have just chosen the wrong night to visit.

Compared with the other dining establishments in Tokyo, I am giving Cafe Ain Soph a rating of four stars. However, if the restaurant were located in the US, I would probably downgrade the rating to three stars.

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