Eat More Greens

Roppongi, Tokyo


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Eat More Greens has a rotating lunch menu consisting of soups, salads and a few hot plates (eg. vegetable curry with rice). The food is pretty typical for vegetarian American-style cuisine; nothing special, but it's a nice change for Americans who miss eating familiar foods.

Perhaps my favorite feature was the baked goods case, which contained a good selection of vegan options, including several types of doughnuts and a dairy-free tiramisu. Unfortunately, the tiramisu had a bit of a soy aftertaste and the sea salt caramel doughnut that I purchased had a strong maple syrup flavor (I'm pretty sure that they used maple syrup in lieu of sugar as a sweetener). That said, once I got past the fact that my doughnut tasted like maple (instead of caramel), I really enjoyed it.

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