Mellow Mushroom

Greenville, North Carolina


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Mellow Mushroom has great food and is very veg friendly. It's the first restaurant in Greenville to offer vegan cheese -- amazing! I love the pizzas with Daiya cheese. And the tofu and tempeh sandwiches are the best vegan sandwiches in town (just ask if you can sub avocado for the mayo and cheese). Yum! If you are a very strict vegan, I suggest checking out their online nutritional info ( before your visit because some of the sauces and marinades have dairy/honey in them. Also be sure to ask them to hold the butter and parmesan on the pizza crust.

A fun place to visit, but be prepared to wait a little while for a table and then for your food. Pizzas here can get a little pricey if you start adding on the toppings, but it's worth it for a splurge!

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