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i think this place is fabulous. It's a bit far from other things in the city (we took three buses), but if you can get out there, it's worth it. It gets bonus points for being all vegan, and bonus-bonus points for being an all vegan Korean restaurant. Yum.

The food came out quickly. We got the Yin and Yan and Wolfman's Dream Treats, both of which were tasty, spicy, fresh, and unique, and came with brown rice. i heard that the stews here are spectacular also, though i didn't get to try any.

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Going to Amitabul is like visiting an old friend. This place was vegan back when vegan wasn't cool, baby. (just kidding, vegan's always been cool!)

There's not much to the ambiance, but the service is kind and welcoming. Don't be in a hurry and you will have a great experience. The food is wonderful! I went here all the time as a vegetarian, not a vegan, and I didn't miss the dairy at all.

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I really wanted to like this more than I did. As it was a while ago, I can't be specific about our order, but suffice to say we tried to sample items that gave us a good idea as to what they were about. The conclusion is that they are about decent sized portions, with modestly interesting flavors. When I start saying, "I could do better than this", it's the tell-tale sign that a restaurant is underwhelming. Convenient to O'Hare, but as another mentioned, it's not especially fast. Owner/server guy was a bit indifferent. No big deal.

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I went here once and I though the food was OK. The service was a bit slow as well. I wish they were located closer to the city proper.

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This is one of my favorite restaurants in Chicago. It is the absolute healthiest food and it still tastes fabulous. The owners/chefs are really helpful. They will make anything to order. The vegetables are always perfectly cooked - still crisp and fresh tasting. My favorite appetizers are the steamed dumplings and the Energy Sticks. My favorite entrees are the Wolfman's Dream Treats, the pancakes, or the Buddha 3-Luck. The portions are always generous. You will leave feeling satisfied and happy.

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Amitabul is one of the only completely vegan restaurants in Chicago, yet when most people think of vegan dining in Chicago their mind immediately jumps to the Chicago Diner, which still serves dairy and the Soul Vegetarian, which, until recently, made many of its menu items with honey. Amitabul does not use any animal products in its cooking AND the food is amazingly good. The dumplings and Korean pancakes make great appetizerss. Although many of the stir-fry dishes are not authentic Korean cuisine, I found the apple curry to be inventive and interesting. I really enjoyed their dessert selection, particularly the red bean rice cake, which is gummy, sweet, and gelatin-free. The man who owns (and is head chef of) the restaurant, Dave, was our server and he was incredibly nice and gave great service. Amitabul has even been frequented by the Dali Lama, after whom the "Hello Dolly and Dave" dish is named.

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This place has really grown on me recently. The trick is ordering the right stuff - don't get the featured dishes, get the Bi Bim Bop or pancakes, which are tucked away in one corner of the menu.

The desserts are ridiculously good, probably the best vegan desserts in Chicago. I recommend the red bean rice cake especially - it's this little gummy blob of tastiness.

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I've heard a lot of different opinions about Amitable. I'll admit it, at first I didn't like it. But then when I went back and changed my mindset a bit, I warmed up. And now I definitely do like it. Its healthy and wholesome. Put yourself in a mellow state of mind and enjoy.

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