Punchline Juice Bar

Brooklyn, New York City


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This place was lovely! When I stopped in last week, it was bright and clean inside, the (reggae) music was playing, and everyone working there was very friendly. I got a green goddess smoothie and I don't recall everything in it but I do know that it had sour sop (guanabana) and was very tasty. I like that this place lets you sample the smoothie before they pour the rest of it into your cup so you can request more of something or ask that it be thinned out.

The Red Mango cakes they had looked amazing (tastier and harder to come by than Vegan Treats cakes), but I had to go with the vegan Caribbean black cake, which they make in house. I've been wanting to try this forever, as it's pretty time-intensive to make and requires a lot of fermentation and I haven't seen it vegan anywhere. I did like the flavor, but it's definitely more of a specialty, acquired flavor, and isn't going to hit the spot if you're looking for a sweet, fluffy cake with frosting.

I will definitely be back soon for one of their lunch juice and sandwich specials and another piece of cake!

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