Ital Shak

Brooklyn, New York City


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I've only been here once but the food was pretty good. I wish they had more greens on the hot food buffet, as they offered mostly rice, beans, and soy meats. I like cabbage, but I really want some callaloo or okra! I did like the vegan chili the best out of all the hot food buffet items but my favorite was definitely the callaloo patty, it was fresh, crispy, and flavorful.

The only thing I really don't like about this place is that there's no seating whatsover. If you live in the neighborhood or are driving home, cool. But if you're just visiting or are biking there, you either have to stand around and look funny being the only person eating in the restaurant, you have to eat on the street, or risk the food spilling all over if you bike home.

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