Candle Cafe

Manhattan, New York City


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I really like a lot of the food at Candle Cafe but the more that I go, the more that I feel that the food is overpriced. I think that you're paying for ambiance and the Candle brand, versus the quality/elaborateness of the food. I recently stopped in for brunch, and was really disappointed to find only TWO items being offered. Really, Candle? You're one of the best vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the city and you can only come up with two brunch items, one of which is pancakes? That's pathetic.

I can make pancakes at home so I ordered the vegan "huevos rancheros" which were good, but basically, it was a simple tofu scramble on some tortillas with some salsa and cream. Tasty, but a fairly simple dish and not worth $16. I also had a scoop of the homemade coconut-chocolate ice cream, which was tasty, but again, the serving was tiny and definitely not worth $4. I'd rather get an entire pint of vegan ice cream for that price.

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