Veggie Garden

Barcelona, Spain


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Good place on budget. Our recommendations are: thali, burger with seitan with katmandu sauce, strawberry lemonade. Price of full menu (~8.5 euros) is also very convincing.

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The juices are what do it for me. There are loads of options other than the green ones mentioned above.

The staff are lovely. They gave me extra green juice and the chef (Ramesh) is Nepalese and smiles constantly, making you feel very welcome.

They also have wi-fi and even a terrace outdoors so doggy friendly. They also allow dogs downstairs (because “we are vegans and believe all animals are our equals”).

I was already hooked after one visit and one green drink.

I love Veggie Garden.

Try the number 103 juice – tasty and green and with no filthy edge. Also the guacamole salad is pretty tasty.

Good points: dog-friendly, free wi-fi, friendly staff, colourful surroundings, great philosophy, and all vegan.

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