Green Bliss

Orange County, California


rating star

So, my girlfriend and I were just waiting and waiting for this place to finally open up in downtown Fullerton. When it finally did, we took a break from another local cafe and went to Green Bliss.
For a couple of girls who don't have much money we could only afford drinks. The service is REALLY nice. Friendly staff who is willing to help with whatever you need. Located in a small little cubbie-hole in DTF. We sat outside in the back patio. That was kind of the only issue I had with it- since the another place sharing the patio space (I'm not sure which) was setting up for what looked like a wedding or something. We got glared at for sitting outside and "being in their way" which, wasn't really accurate because green bliss had their tables and seats out there.
Long story-short: it's a nice little place that just needs to find it's fans. I'm one, but I'm not sure when I'll be going back. I like The Owl Cafe too much c:

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