New Bodai

Queens, New York City


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I LOVE the New Bodai restaurant. I was a big fan of their previous restaurant, Buddah Bodai, but I like this one better. The biggest downside is that the new location is even further from the 7 train (the only train to get to Flushing), so it's a good 25 minute power walk or 15 minute bus ride AFTER the super long 7 train ride. When I got there, I nearly vowed to never return again simply because it took so long to get there. However, after I had my lunch, I decided that I would definitely be back, although not on a day when I was in a rush.

The menu is pretty much the same as the Buddah Bodai menu but they've added some really great new items, such as various congee, fried taro custard, and fried cedar buns. The veggie meat with cedar sauce (I still don't know what that means) was one of my favorite entrees at their old location so I'm really glad that this flavor is now available in a dim sum item. This restaurant also has a much nicer feel (well-decorated walls with no scribbled signs that read "authentic noodles" on construction paper) and their new menus offer great pictures of the various dishes.

I had the watercress dumplings and turnip pastry, which continue to be two of my favorites. I tried the pan fried cedar buns (new!) and fried taro custard, which are now two of my new favorites. I enjoyed this meal so much that I will likely order the exact same thing next time I return.

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