The Grill

Athens, Georgia


rating star

I like the grill. It is not exactly the best food but at least they have a choice of vegetarian options and I thought the veggie burger tasted pretty good. Plus, their chocolate milkshakes are divine and come with enough shake for two.

rating star

This place is just terrible. If you're vegan, don't bother. You'll simply sit there starving & drinking a vanilla coke at 4 in the morning. If you're vegetarian, you're not in much luck either--my vegetarian friend had some sandwich that amounted to a couple slices of tofurkey and mayo and a leaf of iceberg lettuce. The sandwich usually has a slice of tomato as well, however the menu informed us that all tomatoes had been swept away by recent hurricanes & would not be appearing on any sandwiches for the next 5 years. Tomato moratorium=don't eat there.

rating star

The Grill is a great place to go when you are downtown and it is 3 AM and no one is sober enough to drive to Waffle House...or so I have been told. There are some people who really like The Grill, I am not one of them. When I have the veggie did not really rock my socks and I kind of remember it maybe being green or some wierd color. The grilled cheese sandwich was ok...nothing to really write home about.

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