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I joined some friends here for a Friday evening dinner around 9:30pm and the place was PACKED! I hear that's normal, but that's okay because many restaurants close before 7pm, particularly those offering vegan food so I was very happy to come here.

The food is overpriced, as usual at Mid-Eastern restaurants in DR but the food was good. My friends and I shared the hummus and pita bread, which was good. I also had the falafel salad in an attempt to consume even more carbs (DR vegan is very heavy on the rice, potatoes, and plantains). It was good and I liked the sauce, but it would have benefitted from having more veggies in it (it was pretty much just iceberg lettuce, carrots, falafel, and sauce). I asked the server to bring me some diced tomato since she originally told me the salad comes with several veggies and that helped a little bit.

The restaurant is very pretty and it's the perfect place for large groups, particularly late at night or if you're short on cash (they accept credit!), but definitely not the typical Dominican experience if that's what you're going for.

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