Blossom Bakery

Manhattan, New York City


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I love all of the Blossom empire and was excited to hear about Blossom Bakery. My initial visit with them, however, yielded subpar results.

I got a chocolate chip cookie (~$3) and a chocolate cookie coconut cream sandwich thing (~$4). The chocolate chip cookie was dry, crumbly and rock-hard. It might have been good out of the oven, but man was it a disaster when I bit into it.

Blossom, you need to be wary of putting out old baked goods. They give off the wrong impression, look less appealing and, most importantly, are off in texture and taste. This will scare off customers, especially non-vegans who then get ideas in their heads about all vegan baked goods.

The coconut cream sandwich was okay, but not great. It had a chalky taste and none of the flavors came out---I could barely taste the coconut or the coconut.

Lastly, the prices on everything were high. $3 for a medium-sized cookie? $4 for a small cookie sandwich? This place is borderline rip-off.

Blossom, to get some inspiration, go to Pattycake Bakery in Columbus, Ohio. Or go to Sweet Freedom in Philadelphia. Both of those know how to do quality vegan baked goods that are soft, fresh and reasonably priced.

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Amazing! I can't believe this bakery "it's that good", seriously. Croissants with date spread, a special layered pastry from France, cupcakes and cookies galore and my favorite "smores pudding cup".
Everyone MUST go here!

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I was so happy to learn that my co-workers brought me vegan cupcakes from here for my birthday a couple weeks ago....the bakery's first day open!

We tried several cupcakes and they were all pretty good. I will say that some of the stuffed cupcakes seemed a little raw on the inside, but that may have just been the cream getting the insides all soggy. I enjoyed the red velvet the most and wish I would have taken pictures!

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