18A Salvador Sturla
Santo Domingo


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vegetarian Chinese restaurant

This organic Chinese-vegetarian restaurant offers inventive Eastern teas infused with tropical fruits and flowers and an array of vegan dishes, including handmade noodles with tofu, vegetables, appetizers, and chontz, a savory rice-based pastry stuffed with Chinese mushrooms and garnished with peanuts.


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Had a dish they call Chofan (just a stir fry), had it with the fake meat 'gluten'.

The food was ok, nada to write home about, but it was a lot of food. Asked for extra broccoli, but ended up with none at all.

No beer here, and no onions or garlic either (for Buddhist rsns.). So I got some carrot juice - at least that is what the menu said "natural juices". For some odd reason, the carrot juice came with all this sugar stirred into it? I asked the woman there if they added azucar and she said 'yes' ... I took one sip and told her it doesn't say on the menu that their 'nat. Juices' have sugar added to them, she said I need to advise them ahead of time if I don't want sugar added and proceeded to charge me for it. Wrong! I say YOU should advise US ahead of time that you plan to add refined sugar to your 'natural' juices.

Still, despite the carrot juice, the place is worth a visit if you need hearty vegan food. Place is very hard to find, and there is no sign out front.

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$ - inexpensive


  • Chinese


  • (Mostly) Organic



11am - 10pm
11am - 10pm

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