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This place was fantastic! They didn't have as extensive a veg menu as the exclusively-veg restaurants I visited in Santo Domingo but nearly all of those were cafeteria-style, while Adrian is a gorgeous restaurant overlooking the ocean. In my experience, restaurants like this don't usually have many veg options so Adrian is a winner in my book.

They have a separate veg section of the menu, which is very small, but I do appreciate that they recognize the importance of calling out the veg food. I ordered the mixed vegetable soup in an attempt to take a break from the mostly rice/bread/potato/plantain starchfest that was my vacation, and the soup was surprisingly flavorful! I was expecting plain veggies in water but the broth was delicious and the veggies were cooked perfectly.

I had the mini mofongo "integral", which was not made with "arroz integral" (brown rice) or any other whole-grain item, as I was expecting, but there was "veggie ham" instead of pork. While I was really happy to have this option, I was a little annoyed that 1) the "veggie ham" looked and tasted just like Bacos, and 2) the veggie mofongos were all more expensive than the meat mofongos. Why? How on earth do Bacos cost more than a big serving of meat? Seems to me like Adrian is taking advantage of health-conscious consumers who are accustomed to paying more for a veggie option.

In general, the prices are much higher than most Dominican restaurants (about 150 pesos for a mofongo), but still very cheap if you're used to paying in dollars.

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