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I gotta say that I was pretty disappointed with this place. I am big on organic, natural, vegan food but this place just didn't cut it. First off, they didn't have about half of the items listed on the menu. My friends and I ordered various rice, soups, and veggies but everything seemed very bland and not very good. This is very likely because Crudo uses no salt and oil. I could see using only one or the other but to omit both is omitting most flavor.

I also ordered a batida, which is a fruit shake with milk (non-dairy milk in this case). When my "batida" came, it was just juice. I asked why there was no milk in it and the waitress seemed sort of surprised and confused, saying that flavor only comes as juice, even though it was clearly listed in the batida section. I showed her the menu and asked if I misunderstood but she offered no additional explanation and didn't offer to add milk. It's also annoying because since I didn't have much cash and she said they only accept cash, I told her to forget the batida. When I reconfirmed my order, she listed everything but the batida (and the amount that excluded the batida), but then brought me the batida and seemed surprised when I told her that I had said I didn't want it. Neither impressed with the food nor the service so will not be back.

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