Brooklyn Mac

Brooklyn, New York City


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I think I liked this place more than Kedar did. Mac and cheese is getting increasingly popular in NYC and there's more and more places devoted to it so I'm super psyched to see so many vegan options at Brooklyn Mac.

I also agree that having whole wheat pasta is pretty basic but since this place just opened, I'm hoping it's something they'll offer in the future.

I had the gluten-free quinoa pasta (with the cornflake crumble) with broccoli and caramelized onions. Yum. Having more veggies to chose from would have definitely been nice but broccoli is my favorite mac and cheese veggie so I was content. I definitely preferred the mozz to cheddar, although both tasted good. I did enjoy my friend's non-gluten-free pasta with soy meat, but I was very happy with my all-veggie version so will continue to avoid the processed soy when possible.

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This is a small, fairly-quick-serve joint for mac and cheese, and they offer two types of vegan cheese, as well as mockmeats and vegetables. You choose your size and then your toppings.

I got a small with vegan cheddar, mushrooms and vegan chicken. I also got a crumbly topping baked onto it (you choose between corn flakes and bread crumbs).

All told, it cost about $8 or so and tasted all right. I'm not exactly sure how much I crave mac and cheese in general, so the concept for this restaurant isn't exactly what I would go for normally. The portion size was pretty small, so I wouldn't call this a great value.

Two major problems with Brooklyn Mac:

-they don't offer wholewheat pasta (though they do have a gluten-free quinoa-based option, which tasted great, from what I could tell with my friend's dish)

-and they don't have enough vegetable toppings. For example, they offer scallions and broccoli, but not bell peppers? Candied walnuts and cranberries, but no artichokes or hearts of palm?

In general, this is a decent spot, but nothing worth raving about. I appreciate that they offer solid vegan alternatives, but it's not exactly my idea of a delicious, go-to spot for a meal.

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