Lotus Garden

Toronto, Ontario


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I was excited to go here since I really love Vietnamese food, but there are so many places which are not vegan-friendly, and usually one's options are severely limited. I had one of the varieties of spring rolls, and the Vietnamese style crepe.

Both were well made but a bit bland. From what I could taste, they do not use garlic or onions, which is common in many Buddhist restaurants, but was a bit disappointing. The food was nice, but not exciting.

The fried banana dessert was quite good.

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I thought the food would have been better here- I've read many great reviews for this eatery and looked forward to eating at my first all vegan restaurant- the selection seemed quite impressive and it was quite easy to find- several blocks from the hotel on foot(Quality Inn)- the atmosphere was nice- but the food just didn't do it for me- I had a rice dish with tofu and veggies- it seemed like just about everything on the plate was undercooked- I realize that even restaurants have their "off days" maybe it was a new cook- I don't what was wrong- I didn't like it- I doubt I'll go there again- there's better eateries in Toronto than this one, but that's just my opinion.

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The Lotus Garden has been one of my best dining experiences with vegan food. They have a huge selection of super tasty Vietnamese and Thai food at really low prices. U could have a whole meal for two people for a measly $25 including tips. The service is warm and the environment is simple and clean. Everyone that I have brought with me to dine there have been throughly satisfied-even my Carnivore friends! YUMMMMM!!

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I want to really like the Lotus Garden! First of all, it's all vegan! It also has nice service, a great location and a very tempting list of dishes. But I tend not to love their food. The Buddha Delight Soup is my favorite but the Deep Fried Wonton, the Wonton soup, and the Jicama Rolls are also good. Other dishes I've had need improvement in my opinion. But it's possible it's my taste buds that need improvement because when I ate there with friends, they've been very satisfied.

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This was my first introduction to vegan restaurants and i was *impressed*. Can be a little deceiving when you see "Lemon Chicken" on the menu and it actually DOES seem like Lemon Chicken, but it is all vegan!

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