Nittany Pizza

York, Pennsylvania


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I was excited to go here. I ordered the vegan pizza with vegan chikn' bites and it was better than I thought it was going to be. All of the flavors went well together. Also, it was baked/brought out super fast and eaten super fast.

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Today was my first time going into the restaurant. They did greet me however they had no kind of personality.They all just stopped and looked at me, Then I asked them for a menu and the guy standing there was rude and said right there while pointing up to the menu. Regardless I ordered and they brought me out the wrong food, when I informed him it was the wrong sandwich he kind of just stood there and looked at me again, so he walks in the back and sat the sandwich down and then the women comes out saying here is the sandwich and once again it was the exact wrong sandwich. Once I go back up to tell them they all kind of just stood there again looking at me confused. While I was standing I looked at my receipt and I was charged an extra dollar for a tip that I did not give permission to charge. Once I pointed this out the guy standing there reached in his pocket and handed me my dollar. After receiving the SAME WRONG sandwhich again I decided I just wanted my money back. In a low voice as I was getting my refund he says" If you come back I will give you a free sandwich".

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