Soodles Bake Shop

Columbus, Ohio


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This place caters to those who avoid allergens and I love that. If you are nitpicky about vegan sugar, then you should not be eating here or anywhere else but home.

That said... Soodles treats are fabulous. I like all their cinnamon products the best- snickerdoodles, donuts, and coffee cake. They have the BEST COFFEE CAKE EVER! You must try it!

Newly added calzones (made with Daiya cheese) make a tasty, quick, and easy dinner. Heat up a pile of frozen broccoli or steam some squash to go with it and you have a great meal.

They also have frozen pizza crusts (nice!), chocolate donuts, corn muffins, cake pops, and more. If you call or drop by, be sure to ask what is available that is not on the menu. There are always interesting things going on.

Prices are VERY reasonable.

Happy eating!

rating star

This bakery does NOT have vegan items. Their website used to describe them as vegan on the top of the page, and I even contacted them and they said yes, their baked goods are all vegan. Now they have updated it to say they don't use vegan sugar. I have their items in my freezer now, not sure what to do!

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