Bushwick Pita Palace

Brooklyn, New York City


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This place is wonderful!!!! I've been walking by it for nearly 7 years but can't believe that I am just now trying it. They've always had decent vegan options but recently introduced an all-vegan menu, which they are advertising outside with a big sign. I talked to one of the employees (possibly an owner), who told me he did some research online and wanted to get the best vegan products so he got Gardein mock meats and Daiya cheese. Well done!

The prices are super affordable and the portions are generous. I went with the vegan enchilada plate that came with two enchiladas, brown rice, beans (pinto or black), a simple salad, pico de gallo, and tofu sour cream - all for only $8!!!! The enchiladas weren't all deliciously deep-fried and baked to perfection, but for a made-in-3-minute, $8 treat, there's nothing better! The beans were surprisingly flavorful, as was the tofu sour cream. I was really happy the dish came with brown rice and a generous helping of pico de gallo. On top of all that, the service was super friendly.

I will definitely be back soon and frequently!

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