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I was so happy to stumble upon this place! I had just come from dinner so I didn't order a sandwich, but there was a big sign advertising "free samples" so I stopped in for one. Turns out, the restaurant had just opened 2 weeks previously.

I had never heard of cigkoftem and it looked pretty boring so I was skeptical but who turns down free samples? The sample came wrapped in a piece of lettuce with the option of getting spicy sauce. I was still skeptical after the first bite, but after finishing off the sample a few bites later, I decided that I liked it very much. The texture is very different from what I'm used to in a sandwich filling (it resembles a moist, uncooked veggie burger, although not unappealing as that description suggests) but I really enjoyed it. The spices were very good and I believe it would make for a great quick, healthy snack instead of the usual falafel.

I will definitely be back!

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