The Grit

Athens, Georgia


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They could use more vegan entries, but what they do have on the menu is great for vegans. The house salad with tofu and lemon-tahini dressing is fabulous. Many other dishes are good too and you can top it off with the best dessert, Vegan Chocolate Death Cake!

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I ate here almost every day for an entire year of life and am not a big fan, which attests to many things, I suppose. Well, their cakes are wonderful. But there are occasions when none are vegan, and this can be terrible and lead to some sort of fit. But when they are there they are almost always as good as cake can be, and they do make all different sorts all the time, and pies. As for the "real food" they really need to expand their vegan options. Many many things on their menu are cheese-centric and they do not offer vegan soy cheese (they offer casein-containing soy cheese which is stupid). So I've hardly ever eaten off the menu, as much as I've eaten here. One thing I used to get that I liked was the Tofu Rueben, but you have to ask for no cheese, no russian dressing, and whole wheat bread instead of marbled rye, and no butter. They have soup and vegetable side specials changing daily. Sometimes a soup is quite good. Sometimes they make vegan mac 'n' cheese which is yummy but not nearly as yummy as our own homemade stuff. Also I really don't recommend the brunch because almost nothing is vegan. I guess my best advice to anyone is if you live in Athens you should try to be able to afford to get the gas at your house turned on so you can cook.

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I absolutely love The Grit. I know many peole from Atlanta who make special trips to Athens just to eat at The Grit. The everyday menu items are always great but the "specials" board is always filled with the most interesting and fabulous meals...if you see something onthe "specials" board, I highly recommend you buy it. The desserts are amazing too...yum...Chocolate Mint Grasshopper Cake! Most vegans I know love the golden bowl with yeast gravy. I highly recommend it.

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