The Veggie Grill

Portland, Oregon


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My new favorite vegan restaurant in the world. Lots of faux meat options and only veggie options. I love the new menu items, which offer a new substantial variety. Whenever I leave, I lament that I have to go back to eating food I make myself! Favorite sandwich is the crispy chicken, onion ring, and avocado. Sweet potato fries are a must. I was also surprised by the pudding parfait and how deliciously was.

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The food tastes great, but whenever my husband and I go here, we always leave feeling sluggish and gross, like we've eaten a bunch of MSG. Based on nutrition info from their website, and info on MSG I found here and here, I think the isolated soy protien and/or natural flavoring in their fake meats are reacting with the sea salt to produce MSG. Moral of the story: if your die-hard meat-eating father-in-law is in town, this is one of the few vegan places you can take him that won't make him too whiny. But if you care about your health, you probably shouldn't make a habit of eating here.

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An excellent selection of food to win over meat eaters!!

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