Potala Organic Cafe

East Bay, California


rating star

You can get a full plate of food for $13.95 (it's worth a little extra!), a smaller plate for $11.95, or a simple plate for $8.95. It's always the food of the day, something different every time...a set of dishes arranged to go together perfectly. It doesn't really describe it to say that, one night, we had mung bean veggie with tahini soup, followed by a plate composed of a little mound of some kind of tender quinoa with carrots and parsley that had been cooked in a broth and surrounded by piles of a melting slowly cooked vegetable medley (broccoli, carrots, burdock, cauliflower), some kind of weirdly divine kidney bean in sauce, steamed collard greens in a luscious basil parsley sauce, a little pickle, and a mixed green salad with "vinegar dressing." Then a little pudding-like thing of yam and carrot that was quite good too. The beans, grains, vegetables, and sauces and dressings vary from night to night. I know several people who keep going back to this place, including us. It's the ultimate delicious comfort food.

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