Coat and Thai

Austin, Texas


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I was really hoping to find some vegan Texan food at one of the food carts but had absolutely no luck (the fried avocado taco has egg in it) :(. I reluctantly went with Coat and Thai because it was vegan friendly and I was very pleased with my meal.

I had both the pad see ew (flat noodles with tofu, broccoli, and brown sauce), and the pad kee mao (flat noodles with tofu, basil, tomatoes, and bell peppers). As a rule, the former is my favorite but not this time. It had a really good flavor but the dish was far too heavy on the tofu. There was way more tofu than noodles and it didn't come with much broccoli. That said, my non-veg friend tried the tofu and said it was the first tofu she ever liked - it was nice and firm and properly flavored and pan fried.

The pad kee mao was very good and tasted the same as the pad kee mao I order in restaurants. There was a good ration of tofu to veggies to noodles and it (along with the pad see ew) was a good-sized portion for $7.

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