Old Chicago

Twin Cities, Minnesota


**Update*** There sauce is no longer vegan :( A waitress who is vegan herself told me they changed it this Summer.

I called ahead to ask the manager about the calzone ingredients. He was wonderful to work with. He actually read me the ingredients and encouraged me to come in and order one with just veggies and sauce for the filling. When I went in I ordered it as directed. The server informed the manager and kitchen staff and they took special care to make it "right." It came out perfect and I was very pleased with how it tasted. We also ordered nachos for an appetizer without the sour cream or cheese. I did not ask specifically about the chips being vegan however.

With such limited options in the south metro, I was SUPER pleased about this experience. We will definetly be back their soon.

** I don't exactly what credit cards they accept, I'm guessing they take more than Visa and Mastercard but I didn't know for sure.

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