Khyber Pass Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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When I discovered this place, it was like a dream come true. Not only is virtually every dish gluten free, but they have a very respectable veggie-to-non-veggie ratio on their menu. The daal is exceptional, especially when paired with their hand-crafted, secret recipe cilantro/walnut chutney; but I really enjoyed every vegetarian dish they offered. What's more, the staff are extremely friendly and willing to remove any dairy from vegetarian dishes, if you are vegan like myself; one of my favorites is their weekend special, the Kadu, which is butternut squash in a sweet and faintly cinnammon-like curry. It comes with a yogurt sauce on top but this can easily be held off.
This place is a little known gem, and I cannot recommend it enough.

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My first time at Khyber pass and with Afghani food was just a few days ago. I ordered a combination platter with 3 types of vegetable dishes all served on basmati rice. The food was interesting and tasted okay. However, I thought the food would have more flavor to it.

I have been told at lunchtime they have a buffet that includes vegan options which is great to see. I'm likely to try this place again.

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Tasty food, but I was disappointed at the limited vegan options. I like the size and atmosphere, though.

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I love this place.

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