Burrito Box

Manhattan, New York City


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Given Midtown's lack of vegan options, Burrito Box is a god-send. It's a small joint made more for take-out (though they do have a few stools to sit on if you want to eat-in) and they have a number of vegetarian and vegan options, including seitan, tofu, soy cheese and tofu sour cream. They also offer brown rice, as well as whole wheat and spinach wraps.

I got a simple seitan burrito made vegan ($10 with tax), though I also skipped the tofu sour cream and the soy cheese. I did, however, great brown rice filling and I wish I'd seen that they have whole wheat wraps. The menu is hard to read and they don't make the whole wheat/brown rice options obvious.

They also give you some free chips and salsa.

The burrito was good: it was filling, hearty and flavorful with black beans, brown rice, some bell peppers and lettuce and tomato. They don't skimp on the seitan either, which was a nice meaty addition to the dish.

I wasn't impressed with the side salsas, though. Burrito Box could definitely work on improving its salsas and making them fresher and simpler (the stuff here reminded me more of Pace Picante).

At $10, I felt the burrito was pricey considering the small-ish size of it (Chipotle gives you bigger burritos than this, albeit without seitan or other cool ingredients). Still, I'd recommend Burrito Box if you want a quick and tasty meal in an area otherwise devoid of decent vegan options.

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