Amy's Restaurant

Manhattan, New York City


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I didn't actually eat here but I was disappointed enough with my experience that I feel the need to write a review. That said, the menu likely has more vegan options than any other restaurant in Inwood so I may be willing to visit again in the future and I'm in the area.

I stopped in for lunch, hoping to take advantage of the $5.95 lunch special. For some reason, typically pricey meat options like shrimp and cashews are part of the lunch deal but the only vegetarian options are broccoli and rice or soft bean curd with string beans - boring! I asked if I could get a veggie meat instead of the meats but was told no. If I wanted veggie meats, I'd have to pay $10.95 - nearly double. Not cool. More than the lack of getting a good deal, I didn't appreciate that the server was very cold and rude. Even though there wasn't a single other customer in the restaurant, her tone implied that I was bothering her so I decided to leave and go to Yummy Thai for some vegan noodles.

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