May Day Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I'm giving it 5 stars based entirely on their vegan scones. I try vegan scones everywhere they are available, and I have yet to find scones that are as authentic or good as these. You can even order them to take to brunches / breakfasts, which is a great way to share great vegan food with no-vegans and not have to bake a thing.

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I live in Powderhorn, and end up at the May Day quite often. The vegan pizza, when available, is fantastic and has one of the best nut-based vegan cheese toppings around.

The scones are decent, albeit a bit subtle in taste. The soy latte, on the other hand, is by far one of the best in the city.

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This is a quaint, cozy little cafe. I liked that they had loose-leaf teas and two vegan pastry options: scones and cookies. The scones were out when I went, but I had a cup of Oolong tea and a vegan oat-chocolate chip cookie for only $2.87.

So it's not only cozy, but it's also cheap, for high grade stuff. The cookie was big and soft and well made.

The service was brisk and efficient, though not necessarily super-friendly. But it wasn't curt, either. The place can get crowded pretty easily, it seems, so be prepared to wait for a table or to get your order to go, depending on when you visit.

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This local cafe is a great place to find good coffe and food and nice atmosphere and occasional artistic happinings.

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I enjoy the casual and artsy atmosphere, they have great vegan cookies, and the tofu salad sandwich I had was good, too. All they need is an herbal iced tea and they'll have it made.

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As a vegan, neighborhood cafes can be tricky to navigate--Is there hidden dairy in the muffins?, what brand of soymilk?, I want lunch! What's here for me? Fortunately, South Minneapolis has May Day Cafe. Their vegan scones are extraordinary--the cherry-pecan and banana walnut are stand-outs and perfect in texture, size and heft. Match it up with a chai, tea or soy latte and you have a cheap, filing breakfast to go. They also have bean burritos for heartier appetites (or for lunch) served with mixed greens. The service is friendly, albeit a bit disorganized when the lines for service get long.

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