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There is very little seating, no table service and can get very busy. The space inside is extremely cramped. I also agree with a previous review that the prices ($16 for burger, fries and a drink) initially seem a bit high -- until you taste the food.

This place is simlly delicious. The shakes alone make it impossible for me to even consider anything less than 5 stars. The orange cream shake was incredible and the chocolate shake was mind-blowing and had so much flavor. Hands down the best chocolate shake I've ever had.

At first I was skeptical, but the kale infused lemonade was unique and surprisingly good. I also had the chicken ranch sandwich and the sweet potato fries which were both tasty and hit that sweet spot of healthy/unhealthy vegan fast food.

It was nice to see that all of their packaging is eco-friendly and compostable. I would not be surprised to see HipCity expand to become a small chain on the East coast similar to what Native Foods is doing on the West coast and in Chicago.

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So awesome. Get the Crispy HipCity Ranch sandwich.

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I had a classic burger, sweet potato fries, and a brownie. All of these were excellent, and I enjoyed the whole vegan fast food vibe.

However, the price for value equation is a little off. A burger and fries will run you $12, which is a lot for a place that doesn't do table service and has almost no seating.

That said, the place was packed, which means that their prices aren't too high for the market.

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Finally, a veggie-burger that tastes like a real hamburger - and it's not some frozen patty from Boca or Morning Star Farm that they're serving either. I'm Hooked!

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Finally, a place to get quick, really good vegan food to go. 100% plant based menu.

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The best vegan food you'll ever taste. It's fast, it's tasty and it's not expensive. The owner is treats her employees well which creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere. I wouldn't eat vegan anywhere else! YUMMY! y favorite item Philly Steak (vegan of course) with Sweet potato fries served with Cilantro Bean Sauce!

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