Blue Moon Coffee Cafe

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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This place has an excellent ambiance. I've had several meetings here. However, there are very few vegan options.

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I can't comment on the food at Blue Moon, as I've never had any here... not even a pastry, so be aware that my rating doesn't reflect upon its food or its amount of vegan-friendliness.

However, the coffee is better than average, and it's an awesome place to people-watch, to read, and to bring your laptop, with wireless access and about 10,000 electrical outlets too. ;-) Or: you can usually sit almost anywhere and not have to drain your laptop battery, that is.

It's known as a GLBT place, but I've felt absolutely fine here as a straight person as well. It's simply a cool place in the Longfellow neighborhood.

rating star

I like the feel and lay out of this place. When I was there, there weren't outstanding vegan options, just the standard coffee shop fare.

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