Bo De Duyen

Toronto, Ontario


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Eaten here a couple of times. Nice menu. Seems like it is a meat menu, but apparently it is a veg/an menu with 'pork', 'beef' names. Very tasty chinese!

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I really enjoyed their "duck". Their E-fu noodles was ok. Service was really friendly & fast.

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I went here once with a friend and we really liked it. The "duck" appetizer was very tasty and it approximated "real" duck nicely. The "beef" rice was good but a bit dry and we had a delicious mushroom stir fry. We also tried the Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls which were hot and crispy. A must!

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This is by far my favourite restaurant. The menu is HUGE and I have been told by the manager/owner that everything is vegan with the exception of vietnamese coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

Everyone I have brought there is amazed at the delicious food and choices. Everything I have tried on the menu was delicious.

My favourites are: vegetarian "duck", curry "chicken" on rice, all their fried noodles... I could go on!

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If your really big on fake meat and drinking, then this place is for you. I found this place was expensive, (I am biased I am used to price range from Buddha's in toronto). I have to say everyone else I was with loved this place.

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I really like the food. The menu is large. The service is great.

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The food here is really good and comes very fast, and their juices and shakes are excellent! The server is also always very nice and he is always there. But they should carry more desserts; I'm not crazy about their puddings. And their washroom is not very nice (the door doesn't close properly and the soap dispenser sometimes doesn't work).

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This has been my favorite restaurant for the last 4 years! I just love this place! It's pretty cheap, there is a huge selection of food (I'd say they have close to 100 dishes -- all vegan!) and almost everything I tried has been great (and I have tried a lot of stuff!).

I took my non-vegetarian parents to this place and at first they kep saying "We didn't immigrate to Canada to come to a place like this where we can't eat any meat. Let's go to a proper restaurant." As soon as they brought the food though, they just kept saying "Wow! This is really good food!" They've come here often and my father even takes out food to eat at work.

My personal favorites are the shrimp rolls, the duck apetizer, diced vegetables with cashewnut, sweet and sour chicken balls, the black sesame pudding, and the coconut shake. They are absolutely yummy! My parents loved the three kinds of mushroom in taro nest because it was both fancy looking and delicious. You can check out their online menu at Note that "pork," "beef," etc. refer to "mock port," "mock beef," etc. Some of the coffee and shakes have condensed milk in them though.

Furthermore, the waiter (owner?), David, is always in and he is super nice! He is helpful and friendly without being pushy and he is very willing to answer questions about anything on the menu.

I often meet with people here because we can hear each other (they don't play annoying music like other places do), the atmosphere is comfortable, and it's never very busy. It's also open really late so you can come here for a late night dinner or yummy shake!

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