Beach House

Kaua'i, Hawaii


rating star

This restaurant is one of the most romantic I've been to. The view can't be beat. The wine list is impressive. They have a vegan salad, which was very lightly dressed, but still rather tasty. They also have a marinated grilled portobello dish which was absolutely delicious. It comes with a starch side of your choice, sauteed potatoes, or a few different rice options, all of which can be made vegan. I was hoping that their sorbetto trio dessert would be vegan, but it does have dairy. Bummer!

rating star

There is a good beach in front of the Beach House restaurant. The Beach House has been named one of the most romantic restaurants in the world and it certainly is. With it located directly in front of the shoreline, it is a lovely place to have drinks and dinner at sunset. They an open floor plan so you get the ocean breeze and noises. They have two vegan options on their menu. To start, have their Omao, Kaua'i organic baby greens. For dinner, have their grilled portobello mushroom dish. Lastly, for dessert, us vegans can have their sorbetto trio.

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