Yum Cha

Kaua'i, Hawaii


rating star

I don't normally give 5 star reviews to places that aren't totally vegan, but I think Yum Cha deserves it. We mentioned to the maƮtre d' when we got there that we were vegan, and she made sure our server knew. When he came over, he'd already checked which items were vegan, and which could be made vegan. In fact all the staff were great, and very friendly. The restaurant itself is gorgeous, and the view, even though it's just over the golf course, is pretty.

The food was amazing. We shared the vegetable tempura to start, which was obviously freshly made, not too greasy, and came with a great black vinegar dipping sauce. Then I had the Pad Thai, which was probably the best Pad Thai I've ever had - not too salty, not too sweet, a really good balance of flavours and ingredients. There's no vegan dessert, but the portion are generous, so we wouldn't have had room anyway.

rating star

To begin, one can get their wok seared edamame. Their miso soup has fish broth in it, but they made me a vegan version special when I asked if it did have it in it. They also made me tofu summer rolls. For dinner, we had stir fried wild rice and stir fried seasonal vegetables. Overall, it was an excellent meal and the service was incredible. They went above and beyond to please us and had very generous portions for the price.

For a complete review, please see my blog here: http://veganmiss.blogspot.com/2011/09/vegan-kauai-hawaii-part-two.html

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