Maimonide of Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York City

Mostly vegan restaurant serving eclectic flatbreads

In addition to traditional appetizers such as nuggets and fries, the main courses here consist of various flatbreads with different toppings.

Also has communal seating.

The only non-vegan item served here is honey.

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What a strange restaurant. The concept is a place where you get custom vegan flatbreads (not pizza) made with a proprietary dough, with the bread shaped like a bullet (or the arches of Brooklyn, according to the menu). The space is huge and consists of only four gigantic tables, so you'll probably get to know your neighbors. They give you a hipster comic book with the menu, but I couldn't be bothered to actually read the thing, which features what I assume is the "Maimonide" as the main character (a bearded, bespectacled hipster in a toga or something). Oh, and your silverware is hidden in a drawer underneath your spot at the table. The wall decorations are strange and eclectic.

So, there's a lot going on and I don't really think it comes together (too many cooks in the kitchen).

Anyway, onto the food: You get free kale chips with your meal, which is nice. For my appetizer I started off with the oyster mushroom and chickpea breaded bites ($5) which come with a liquid-y honey mustard sauce. I thought these were okay, but a bit dry, and I wasn't a fan of the dipping sauce.

For my main course I got the "smiley" ($8) as it was the only flatbread that didn't feature an ingredient that offended me in some way (every other one had something like figs, or cilantro or horseradish or raisins). It consisted of a sundried tomato sauce, topped with small cubes of silken tofu and then a generous amount of arugula.

I thought it tasted okay, but wasn't something I'd go out of my way for. The sauce was a bit sour and the silken tofu was a poor choice, given its texture (a firmer, pan-friend tofu would have worked better and given the dish better color).

It basically was a pizza without cheese. Granted, I picked the most pizza-like dish on the menu. That said, the proprietary dough wasn't that interesting or impressive: it's slightly spongy bread. Great.

For dessert I got a slice of their homemade cheesecake ($7). I thought it was competent, but not great. It was a bit too dry and suffered for a lack of creaminess. I do, however, give them props for their unusual recipe: they make their own cashew milk yogurt to give the cheesecake its base. Most vegan cheesecakes are made with tofutti cream cheese, so this was a rare thing to see. That said, the results were underwhelming.

The service was unfailingly polite, friendly and helpful. Kudos to them for having a wonderful staff. I was also given a free goodie bag containing a bunch of random treats, which was a nice gesture.

On a whole, Maimonide is interesting, but not great. I appreciate that they take risks with their menu and decor, but I don't think they all succeed. However, I probably will come back here for a drink on their outdoor patio, and maybe try one of their more unusual flatbreads.

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Boerum Hill


Atlantic Avenue (2,3,4,5, B,Q)
Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street (D,N,R)
Fulton Street (G)


$ - inexpensive


  • MasterCard Visa


  • American
  • Italian


  • Large Group-Friendly
  • Outdoor Seating



noon - midnight

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