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We were seated exactly at 8:50 in the intimate dimmed dinning room at a window table providing a lovely view of The castle located across the way at the Magic Kingdom.

We started the night off by ordering appetizers. I had the Heirloom Apple salad served with Candied Pistachios ( which are usually coated in butter, but Noah made me a vegan version), toasted pumpkin seeds, thinly sliced heirloom apples, and pomegranate seeds with a delicious pomegranate vinaigrette drizzled over the salad. This seasonal salad was delicious and fresh!

In between examining the menu and carrying on our conversation we also took some time to enjoy the soft sourdough bread served with a side of butter topped with red Hawaiian sea salt for my Dad and a side of buttery olive oil for myself.

At 9:30 we headed out to the Verandah with the rest of the guests at the restaurant to enjoy the Holiday themed Wishes firework show. Aside from the delicious food Narcoossee's is known for having a great view of the nightly Magic Kingdom firework display. Without swarms of people, dinners are able to relaxingly enjoy the show from the comfort of their seats, or for an even better view, dinners are encouraged to head out onto the verandah which overlooks the water and view the show from there. The music is piped in and the lights in the restaurant are dimmed, servers even wait to bring out the food so that guests are able to have a magical experience and fully enjoy the show.

We returned to our table and within minutes are entree's were being served. An amazing artfully plated dish was set in front of me, I wasn't quite sure what this delectable looking entree was but it definitely wasn't the Asian themed stir fry that Noah and I had talked about on the phone. Suddenly Noah appeared at our table, ready with a prepared overview of his vegan concoction. He explained that the dish was inspired by the Vegetarian Entree, the Pan Seared Sweet Potato-Ricotta Gnocchi, He altered the dish where necessary to make it vegan friendly but still used the main ingredients from the original recipe.

He created a creamy vegan sweet potato puree and topped it with wilted ice root spinach, Hon-Shimeji mushrooms (which I am normally not a fan of, but I did actually enjoy them in this dish), crispy yellow baby carrots, and crunchy Chinese artichokes, drizzled with a sweet raisin vinaigrette. The meal was unique and flavorful and I thoroughly enjoyed this delicious seasonal custom made entree.

My Dad selected the Crispy Whole Snapper, which as implied in the title is an entire snapper which is tossed in a flour mixture and deep fried until perfectly golden brown. It is served over a bed of basmati rice with charred green beans with a soy- lime vinaigrette.

My Dad was pretty much in his glory as he messily dissected the fish trying to abstract every ounce of flesh from the bone. As a fisherman he claimed to know his way around a fish and judging from the near empty plate aside from the thin fish bones I'd say he did a pretty good job!

Finally it was on to dessert, usually a troublesome task for most chefs, but not for Chef Noah. He prepared a special dessert consisting of refreshing granny smith apple sorbet severed over heirloom apples plated on a dish with sweet pear wine jelly and edible flowers. It was delicious, light, and refreshing and a perfect end to our perfect day.

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